material: acrylic paint and colour pencil on the slice of brick

dimensions: 25x12x1 cm (each)

year: 2019

The motifs on the euro banknotes are fictitious architectures designed by Austrian designer Robert Kalina. These fictional buildings, which vary according to the value of the banknotes, reflect European architectural history to emphasize the common European heritage and thus overcome national identities. The portals and bridges depicted, beginning with ancient Roman and Greek architecture on the 5-euro banknote to 20th-century postmodern architecture on the 500-euro banknote, symbolize the European spirit of openness and cooperation.

Baroque is one of the first artworks in which Lazar Stojić questions values by using the visual language of euro banknotes. Here, the artist draws a 100-euro banknote on a brick without numbers or symbols, such as the EU stars. By doing so, he juxtaposes the more tangible value of the material with the abstract value of money, while the tradition of the brick as a construction material refers to architecture history. Moreover, by removing numbers and symbols, the value is no longer obvious and seems exposed in its arbitrariness.

text: Luise Nübling

photo: Ivan Zupanc

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