Lazar Stojić is a visual artist whose practice is centered around the investigation of value and power. His deceptively simple artworks succeed in exploring the complexity of value and power representations, while challenging ideas about the inner workings of economic structures. Lazar’s artworks evoke the thoughts of value and economic success, status symbols and elegance, leading to the questions of freedom and independence. By elevating objects from their everyday purpose to a precious exhibit, he reverses their value, aesthetics, and role as a signifier of quality, giving them an alternative narrative. While integrating design into his work and restaging the objects, Lazar reflects on the ephemeral nature of design and luxury products while relating them to the heritage of art and culture.

Born in 1998 in Belgrade, Serbia, he graduated in 2021 under the tutelage of Professors Mrdjan Bajić and Rados Antonijević at the sculpture department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He is currently engaged in master studies with Professor Martin Boyce at the sculpture department of the Faculty of Fine Arts HFBK in Hamburg, Germany.

Lazar lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.


Selected group exhibitions

  • "Connecting the future", group exhibition, Josilda da Conceição gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2023

  • "Connecting the future", group exhibition, Gallery DOTS, Belgrade, Serbia, 2023

  • "Leaving Holocene", group exhibition, MOM Art Space, Hamburg, Germany, 2023

  • "Photography in context", group exhibition in the collaboration with the students from the art history department of Hamburg University, ICAT HFBK Hamburg, Germany, 2022

  • "Imagining Health", group exhibition in the collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Health, Ethics and Society from the Hamburg University, ICAT HFBK Hamburg, Germany, 2022

  • "A(rt)lantis", group exhibition, Novembar gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, 2022

  • "Things to come", group exhibition curated, Cultural center Dorcol gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, 2021

  • "Youth Biennial", biennial group exhibition in various institutional and public spaces on Kalemegdan fortress, Belgrade, Serbia, 2021

  • Exhibition of prize-winning student artworks, Gallery of Faculty of Fine arts in Belgrade, 2021

  • Projekat Zenit 21_21", artistic research project that resulted with group exhibition, Gallery of Faculty of Fine arts in Belgrade, Serbia, 2021

  • "Inter/action", project and exhibition, collaboration between students from Faculty of Fine arts in Belgrade and students from art history department of Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Gallery of Youth center in Belgrade, Serbia, 2020

  • "What will happen after", group exhibition, a part of the HFestival, Gallery space of Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR), Belgrade, Serbia, 2019

  • "Stone in Architecture and Art", group exhibition, RTS Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, 2019

Projects in public space

  • "Space in space" sculpture project by Bogdan Djukanović and Lazar Stojić for the 15th anniversary of FIST (Festival of international student theatre). Project was realized in collaboration with Department of Management and Production of Theatre, Radio and Culture of Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, during the year 2020

    Sculpture is permanently located in the main hallway of Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade

Prizes and support

  • DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship for postgraduate studies in the Fields of FineArt, Film, Design/Visual Communication and Film, 2022 - 2024

  • Development and promotion of the artist practice supported by Humanitarian foundation DOTS between December 2021 and September 2023

  • Deutschlandstipendium, bursary for support of the talented students, 2021 - 2022

  • Prize for distinctive creative innovation from the fund "Miloš Bajić, painter and professor", 2021

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